About Us

About Us

The Inspiring Journey of CCASA

Our story begins with one man’s desire to help the people around them. Motivated by this compelling feeling, he worked for nearly a decade helping in whatever way he could but soon realized he needed to think bigger. The disparities in access to essential resources, educational opportunities, and support networks need more than moments of relief. They need a concentrated effort to bridge the gaps and uplift those who need it most.

So, in 2022, the CCASA Foundation was born. Named after the first letter of the names of his five children, our founder laid out a plan rooted in compassion and empathy to foster unity and empower our community so every individual has the opportunity to thrive, irrespective of their circumstances.

As our story unfolds, we remain guided by our founding values, ensuring that every program, initiative, and outreach effort is focused on building a community where the strength of one becomes the strength of all. Together, we strive to transform challenges into opportunities, celebrating the inherent potential within each of us and the collective power of a caring community.

We are 501 C3 non-profit organization

Our Core Values


Infusing every action with a deep sense of care and understanding.


Fostering connections through a genuine understanding of diverse experiences


Building collective strength by embracing the richness of our community


Catalyzing positive change by providing the tools and support for individuals to thrive

Our Vision

To build a bustling neighborhood where every smile is shared, and every helping hand is extended, creating a perpetual ripple of positivity that echoes through the streets, changing lives for the better. This neighborhood is more than a collection of people. It is a community of support and motivation.


Meet Our Volunteers

King Talamoni

President and Founder

At the heart of CCASA is our founder and president, King Talamoni. His passion fuels our mission for positive community impact. Guiding our team, King infuses every initiative with empathy and resilience, propelling us forward. King Talamoni’s dedication inspires us to create lasting change, one compassionate act at a time.

Sonny Mariner

Vice President

Steering CCASA towards new horizons is Sonny Mariner, our VP. With a dynamic blend of strategic acumen and passion for community welfare, Sonny plays a pivotal role in amplifying our impact. His leadership keeps us on track, ensuring our efforts maximize impact.

Chea Talamoni


Bring her financial expertise to the take is Chea Talamoni, our treasurer. Her meticulous approach ensures transparent fiscal management, guiding our foundation to long-term stability. Chea’s commitment to responsible stewardship paves the way for sustainable efforts, supporting our mission for a thriving community.

Sala Finauga

Board Member and Advisor

Bringing wisdom and guidance to the CCASA is Sala Finauga, an esteemed Board Member and Advisor. Her invaluable insights and community advocacy enrich our initiatives, ensuring they make the most significant impact. Sala’s commitment adds depth to our mission, steering us towards a future of lasting positive change.

Vanthy Multani

Board Member and Advisor

A dedicated individual, Vanthy Multani brings a wealth of experience and passion as a Board Member and Advisor. By collaborating on strategic initiatives, Vanthy ensures our organization thrives in its mission to uplift the community. Her expertise contributes significantly to CCASA’s success in fostering positive change. Vanthy’s unwavering dedication makes her an invaluable asset, driving our outreach efforts towards a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

Reverend King Va’aita’utia Talamoni Liufau

Board Member and Advisor

Va’aita’utia Talosaga Talamoni Liufau

Public Relations – Samoa

Sothea Chea

Public Relations – Cambodia